If talking about jeans brands for Thais, most people probably know this brand. Mc jeans brand under Mcgroup Public Company Limited. Muze Innovation joined with Mcgroup to develop the website In 2016, which at that time was the beginning of e-commerce for many brands in Thailand and with our expertise in this area, there was a very good opportunity from The Mcgroup for this project.


Our First Challenge


Let’s go back to the beginning. Muze Innovation loves Mcshop’s style very much. Being a large organization and a public company, The decision to do anything will have an impact on many parts, but Mcshop has brought the modern Lean process to experiment with e-commerce, which is still new for Mcshop. At the beginning, the Muze Innovation team got the problem  for moving data collection from the Magento 1.9 system to Magento 2.2 at that time was a very big challenge for us. In doing this, the system must consider the internal connection system that Magento has, together with the information from the various plugins that are collected in order to get the most complete information, which Muze Innovation done this part well.


Systematic e-Commerce


As for all the e-commerce systems that Muze Innovation chooses to use, there are 4 main components which are

1. The Magento system is used to manage products, orders, customers, promotions and others related to e-commerce features.

2. Core API system which is an intermediary for data connection both internal system and 3rd party service.

3. Storefront system and CMS (Content Management System), storefront decoration system To achieve the beauty that meets the CI pattern of each brand And can also add and add modules independently In this system, the system was developed by Muze Innovation.

4. Reporting systems and BI (Business Intelligence) is the data obtained from Magento to interpret. In order to be data that can be further analyzed Including the issuance of tax invoice reports and others

From all this, the system has to be extremely stable as it is constantly and continuously being implemented. In every Muze Innovation system, we have chosen the AWS (Amazon Web Service) cloud service as an infrastructure in order to support the service connection. Again, it also requires an uptime guarantee for the system.


From a Server to a Serverless Structure


When it comes to server systems in the past, we were probably used to machines that counted clearly or even on the cloud. On the AWS we would probably consider EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) or EB. (Elastic Beanstalk). As you may know, the only limitation encountered with this device is that it can support a large number of loads and is a spike, which only comes up at certain times. In this respect, Muze Innovation has experimented and foreseen that in order to enable the system to meet these limitations together with the appropriate price and cost, We have chosen to use a format called “Serverless” or do not have a server. With the customers who use the service and, of course, Mcshop itself is like this technology behind


Serverless in AWS


Serverless in AWS is a combination of two AWS services: AWS API Gateway and AWS Lambda. Each function is AWS API Gateway which receives requests, has the ability to check and block certain values, or to manually caching. To provide the correct and quickest response on the AWS side, Lambda is a compact, ready-to-use computer that we write code for only the desired function like a Function-as-a-Service (FaaS) to use when the event enters and closes when finishing work. It can be seen that this behaviour will immediately different from the old computer model. Because aside from working only for certain periods of time, and the cost is actually calculated only. Moreover it also separate the work into separate tasks which sometimes, if we install all the services on the same computer, the work load proportion may fall into some functions too. Causing the machine to support it may have to be slow or has high latency. Serverless results are therefore more economical than traditional computers that have to be left open and charge hourly, obviously and can also be separated to receive more loads, resulting in a more stable system.

Details about other technologies will be discussed and shared from real use in the next episode. Thank you to everyone who follows.

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